Books by Guillermo Yuscarán

This is a selection of literature published by Guillermo Yuscarán. Click on the images to view the details.

Northcoast Honduras (Tropical Karma)..short stories in English, 1993., $16.00, plus postage.

_NDS0570 _NDS0571

Beyond Honduras (Tales of Tela, Trujillo, other places)…short stories, 1991,$ 15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0580 _NDS0581

Cuando Chona Cantaba (When Chona Sang), bilingual fiction, 1997, $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0584 _NDS0588

Points of Light..short stories in English, 1992, $15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0611 _NDS0613

El dia de la cruz (Day of the Cross), 1998 bilingual fiction, $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0628 _NDS0629

El Gran Hotel…bilingual historical vignette (few copies)..1991, $10.00 plus postage.

_NDS0650 _NDS0651

Gringos in Honduras, (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).biographies in English, 1995, $18.00, plus postage.

_NDS0653 _NDS0654

Velasquez, The Man And His Art….biography in English, 1994. $20.00, plus postage.

_NDS0591 _NDS0608

Canto al Mar (Ode to the Sea) bilingual reflections, 1988…price $10:00, plus postage.

_NDS0626 _NDS0627

Dream Journey (My Two Cents), a personal dream study in English, 2011, $15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0609 _NDS0610

The Way of Children….El Camino de los Niños… illustrated bilingual reflections, 2007, $10.50 plus postage.

_NDS0630 _NDS0632

Soul on Fire (Una Alma Encendida)…bilingual fictional tribute, 2007. $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0633 _NDS0634

Blue Dog, Savoir-Faire..poetry in English, 2009 $ 11.00, plus postage.

_NDS0637 _NDS0638

Honduras Behind the Colors (vol 1) autobiographical narrative, 2002. $20.00, plus postage.

_NDS0620 _NDS0624

Extra Innings (Inspirational Stories on Death and Dying). in English, 2014, $18.00, plus postage.

_NDS0578 _NDS0579

My Friend, Henry (Mi amigo, Enrique), bilingual tribute, 2012, $17.00, plus postage,

_NDS0576 _NDS0577

Metaphysical Musings, Vol. I $ 10.00, plus postage. and II $ 10.00, plus postage.

_NDS0643 _NDS0645

Velásquez, El Hombre y su Arte..biography in Spanish, 2003, $20.00, plus postage.

Velasquez1 Velasquez2

Blue Pariah…dog biography in English, 1989. ..price $15.00, plus postage.

Blue1 Blue2

Conociendo a la Gente Garifuna (The Garifuna Story)…bilingual nonfiction, 1990, $12.00 plus postage.

Garifuna1 Garifuna2

La Luz Hondureña..short stories in Spanish, translation of Points of Light,, 2006, $13.00, plus postage

Luz1 Luz2

Evaristo López Rojas, (El Hijo del Barrio La Ronda)..bilingual tribute, $12,00, plus postage.

Evaristo1 Evaristo2

Sherry “Pilar” Thorn (A Dog’s Best Friend)..bilingual tribute, $11.50, plus postage.

Sherry1 Sherry2

Juan Félix Sánchez (Journey to the Andes), bilingual non fiction narrative, $14.00, plus postage.1998

Juan1 Juan2

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