This is Guillermo Yuscarán

Guillermo Yuscarán (Dr. William Lewis) is a versatile U.S.-born artist and author living in Honduras, Central America. For more information, click “About Guillermo Yuscarán” in the upper part of this web page.

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All the artwork presented below has been produced by Guillermo Yuscarán – all rights reserved and copyright (c) 2015 Guillermo Yuscarán / William Lewis. As regards the photos of the artist, the photographer has all the rights, i.e. copyright (c) 2015 Erkki Siirila.

Purchase information (prices and postage) for specific paintings and sculptures can be obtained by sending an email message to gyuscaran  a t  yahoo  d o t  com. The books for sale on this website are listed under the heading “About Guillermo Yuscarán”.

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Paintings and sculptures by Guillermo Yuscarán

Guillermo Yuscarán has produced hundreds of paintings and dozens of wood sculptures. Many of them have found their final home in countries outside Honduras. Here we have some examples of Yuscarán’s work. By clicking on the images, you will see their bigger versions.

If interested in any of the paintings/sculptures numbered below, please email the artist ( the number or numbers of interest and he will supply the size(s), medium used, and the price of each piece of art (shipment costs not included).

He has also produced more than eighty different post cards of individual paintings done over many years. Samples of some of these may be seen below (scroll down). Each post card costs $3.00 (shipment costs included).

Yuscaran-paintB  1

DS1_1821  2

Yuscaran-late6  3

DS1_1805  4

Yuscaran-paintD  5

DS1_1820  6

Yuscaran-late1  7

Yuscaran-late4  8

DS1_1845  9 (Sold)

DS1_1792  10 (Sold)

Yuscaran-late5  11 (Sold)

Yuscaran-late2  12 (Sold)

DS1_1782  13

DS1_1725  14

DS1_1738  15 (Sold)

DS1_1755  16

DS1_1776  17

DS1_1780  18

DS1_1786  19

DS1_1788  20

DS1_1793  21

DS1_1812  22

DS1_1813  23 (Sold)

DS1_1815  24 (Sold)

DS1_1818  25

DS1_1855  26

DS1_1841  27

DS1_1839  28

DS1_1836  29 (Sold)

DS1_1835  30

DS1_1831  31 (Sold)

DS1_1828  32 (Sold)

DS1_1833  33 (Sold)

DS1_1843  34

DS1_1849  35

DS1_1692  36

DS1_1688  37

DS1_1685  38

DS1_1684  39

DS1_1681  40

DS1_1676  41

DS1_1675  42

DS1_1672  43

Yuscaran-paintC  44

DS1_1666  45

DS1_1664  46

DS1_1650  47

DS1_1654  48

DS1_1660  49 (Sold)

DS1_1655  50 (Sold)

DS1_1646  51

DS1_1640  52

Yuscaran-Buddha2  53 (Sold)

Yuscaran-late3  54

DS1_1826  55

DS1_15710  56 (Donated to Catholic Church of Santa Lucia)

DS1_15820  57 (Donated to Catholic Church of Santa Lucia)

HO1_5485  58

HO1_5477  59–60

Yuscaran-faceA  61

DS1_1645  62

DS1_1876  63

DS1_1866  64

DS1_1863  65

DS1_1857  66

DS1_1854  67

DS1_1847  68

DS1_27042  69 (Sold)

HO1_5469  70–71–72


DS1_1707  73

DS1_1700  74

DS1_1713  75

DS1_1718  75

AR5_7259  76 (Sold)

AR5_7275  77 (Sold)

AR5_7250  77 (Sold)

AR5_7252  78

AR5_7256  79

80 All post cards number below for sale $2.00 each plus postage:

DS20004 1-2-3-4 (Clock-wise)

DS20003 5-6

DS20002 7-8

DS20001 9-10

DS20000 11-12

DS20005 13

AR5_7224 14 (Sold out)

AR5_7221 15

AR5_7219 16

AR5_7217 17 (Sold out)

AR5_7216 18

AR5_7215 19

AR5_7227 20

AR5_7229 21

AR5_7230 22

AR5_7237 23

AR5_7240 24

AR5_7243 25

Books by Guillermo Yuscarán

This is a selection of literature published by Guillermo Yuscarán. Click on the images to view the details.

Northcoast Honduras (Tropical Karma)..short stories in English, 1993., $16.00, plus postage.

_NDS0570 _NDS0571

Beyond Honduras (Tales of Tela, Trujillo, other places)…short stories, 1991,$ 15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0580 _NDS0581

Cuando Chona Cantaba (When Chona Sang), bilingual fiction, 1997, $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0584 _NDS0588

Points of Light..short stories in English, 1992, $15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0611 _NDS0613

El dia de la cruz (Day of the Cross), 1998 bilingual fiction, $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0628 _NDS0629

El Gran Hotel…bilingual historical vignette (few copies)..1991, $10.00 plus postage.

_NDS0650 _NDS0651

Gringos in Honduras, (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).biographies in English, 1995, $18.00, plus postage.

_NDS0653 _NDS0654

Velasquez, The Man And His Art….biography in English, 1994. $20.00, plus postage.

_NDS0591 _NDS0608

Canto al Mar (Ode to the Sea) bilingual reflections, 1988…price $10:00, plus postage.

_NDS0626 _NDS0627

Dream Journey (My Two Cents), a personal dream study in English, 2011, $15.00, plus postage.

_NDS0609 _NDS0610

The Way of Children….El Camino de los Niños… illustrated bilingual reflections, 2007, $10.50 plus postage.

_NDS0630 _NDS0632

Soul on Fire (Una Alma Encendida)…bilingual fictional tribute, 2007. $12.00, plus postage.

_NDS0633 _NDS0634

Blue Dog, Savoir-Faire..poetry in English, 2009 $ 11.00, plus postage.

_NDS0637 _NDS0638

Honduras Behind the Colors (vol 1) autobiographical narrative, 2002. $20.00, plus postage.

_NDS0620 _NDS0624

Extra Innings (Inspirational Stories on Death and Dying). in English, 2014, $18.00, plus postage.

_NDS0578 _NDS0579

My Friend, Henry (Mi amigo, Enrique), bilingual tribute, 2012, $17.00, plus postage,

_NDS0576 _NDS0577

Metaphysical Musings, Vol. I $ 10.00, plus postage. and II $ 10.00, plus postage.

_NDS0643 _NDS0645

Velásquez, El Hombre y su Arte..biography in Spanish, 2003, $20.00, plus postage.

Velasquez1 Velasquez2

Blue Pariah…dog biography in English, 1989. ..price $15.00, plus postage.

Blue1 Blue2

Conociendo a la Gente Garifuna (The Garifuna Story)…bilingual nonfiction, 1990, $12.00 plus postage.

Garifuna1 Garifuna2

La Luz Hondureña..short stories in Spanish, translation of Points of Light,, 2006, $13.00, plus postage

Luz1 Luz2

Evaristo López Rojas, (El Hijo del Barrio La Ronda)..bilingual tribute, $12,00, plus postage.

Evaristo1 Evaristo2

Sherry “Pilar” Thorn (A Dog’s Best Friend)..bilingual tribute, $11.50, plus postage.

Sherry1 Sherry2

Juan Félix Sánchez (Journey to the Andes), bilingual non fiction narrative, $14.00, plus postage.1998

Juan1 Juan2