This is Guillermo Yuscarán

Guillermo Yuscarán (Dr. William Lewis) is a versatile U.S.-born artist and author living in Honduras, Central America. For more information, click “About Guillermo Yuscarán” in the upper part of this web page.

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All the artwork presented below has been produced by Guillermo Yuscarán – all rights reserved and copyright (c) 2015 Guillermo Yuscarán / William Lewis. As regards the photos of the artist, the photographer has all the rights, i.e. copyright (c) 2015 Erkki Siirila.

Purchase information (prices and postage) for specific paintings and sculptures can be obtained by sending an email message to gyuscaran  a t  yahoo  d o t  com. The books for sale on this website are listed under the heading “About Guillermo Yuscarán”.

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